As you wish

The princess bride came out when I was seven and even at that tender age this film evoked a yearning towards romanticism that no other film really has. I wanted to be Buttercup so bad!!!….and I fantasised about having my very own handsome, loving ‘Westley’  (Preferably the one in the film) except I’ve changed my mind now as it appears Cary Elwes hasn’t aged well.

Another princess I admired when I was younger was ‘Elizabeth’ the princess in the children’s book ‘The Paper Bag Princess’…she wasn’t the most elegant dresser…she wore a paper bag for a dress! However she was independent, resilient, clever and kick-ass. When the ungrateful Prince Ronald rejected her because of her appearance…even after she had gone through agony trying to rescue his pathetic ass! She immediately lost interest in him and ventured off to live her own life.  We need to read this book to our daughters instead of that nauseatingly false Disney stuff!

These are my idea of a modern-day princesses…no paper bags here though!

Paper crown princess on crack by Vivienne Westwood

Medievil crown by 17 yr old British designer, Rael Stone

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