Blessed be sunglasses

I hate wearing hats, they look stupid on me. Well they probably don’t look THAT stupid but I don’t feel comfortable wearing them at all. However when those summer rays are acutely beating down upon my pasty white face I am willing to wear a pair of sunglasses. Again, I feel a bit weird in them!  But I guess it’s better than looking like  a squinty weirdo donning a constant evil eye.

I have a pair of cheap, Cheap Monday sunglasses, which were a mere $100….but if I could afford them, I would go for a pair of sunnies from Linda Farrow‘s Luxe vintage collection. Linda has been creating eccentric and sought-after spectacles since the 70’s, having her own established brand as well as collaborating with some of the big names in fashion. There’s only one place in New Zealand that sells them I believe and that is in this tired ol’ town at Victoria Black….WTF? We may not have much to be joyous about (except the Crusaders, shit weather and shit beer) but we’ve got some serious designer eye-wear!

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