Bok bok

I am a vegetarian and have been since I was nine years old. It was a mince pie from the tuck-shop at school that did it. You see I used to have this ritual when eating my mince pies. First I would peel the pastry off the top and then eat the mince inside, followed by the remaining the pastry.  However on this  fateful day back in August 89′, instead of dissecting the filling as I usually would, I blindly bit into the piping hot offal and inhaled something grossly unexpected. I immediately spat out the unidentified object and to my horror discovered a half chewed hunk of what I can only imagine was some sort of artery! (I think the local butcher must have been avin a laugh) But that was it…no more meat for me…that was 21 years ago and I have never looked back!

This jewellery sure looks finger-licking good though…

Photos by Pinar Yolacan

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