If I was a boy

If I was a boy, I’d have long dark tangley hair.

I’d wear skinny black jeans, that were marked and un-clean. My hand-me-down shirt would be covered in dirt. (Images from April 77)

My steel-capped black boots would be a size to small…

And I’d love my girl more than anything at all.

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When at Blondie what does one wear?

I’m very excited about the Blondie and The Pretenders concert on Sunday…it’s at one of my favourite places in the world, a winery!

But, oh dear I don’t have a thing to wear! Well I do but it’s all old and ugly and I want something NEW!!! This close to christmas (and the fact that my car has broken down) means buying something new is out of the question…So I’m going op-shopping this weekend and hope to find some amazing clothes that will transform me into a paler, shorter, fatter version of this…

All images from One Teaspoon

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It’s good

I found this super-cute girl in this outfit on Street Peeper.com and I  love it!!!  The contrast between the chunky knit jumper, summer sandals and the knotted skirt work together in perfect harmony!

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The leather alchemist

Rob Goodwin does the unimaginable with leather. The shoes…no words. The helmets inspired by venetian masked balls, held in the depths of the wild Congo. I love!

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What a pretty boy 2

Andrej Pejic is undoubtedly a very pretty boy…so pretty infact it is sometimes difficult to determine whether he is infact a boy at all.

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Lady of the rings

I’ve been trend-spotting…my article for Stuff.co.nz…check it out here.

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I’m going comando

I’m going comando as in ‘camo’, not without under-wear! Camoflague print hasn’t really been a much of a trend since the 90’s and even then it was bordering on tacky, however with the whole military look I think it’s going to make a comeback. There are hints of it emerging on winter runways overseas and we’ll perhaps catch on for winter 2012? I may be wrong…it may not catch on, regardless of whether it does or not I’m going out to get myself a camo jacket!

image from style.com

Balmain Spring 2011


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