I knew it would happen eventually…anti-fashion is in fashion! Many months ago I  suggested my boyfriend and I get ourselves a pair of matching ‘Seinfeld’ sneakers to wear with some shapeless tapered jeans (much like the ones worn by the cast of Beverly Hills 90210) because I wanted to beat the fad. BUT the Olsen twins are already doing the whole anti-fashion thing…so I’m over it already! Plus I can’t quite bring myself to wear a chunky pair of Asics…there are however some super cute  Nike’s I’m seriously considering purchasing.

Essentially this anti-trend is pretty easy to follow…if it’s UGLY it’s IN!

The 1990’s were the epitome of heinousness and a  stupendous place to look for inspiration when wanting to get your ‘ugly on’

90210 and Seinfeld are a fantastic starting point for any wanna be anti-fashion fashionista’s.

Blossom was bad taste…

The Olsen’s go anti-fashion

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One Response to Anti-fashion

  1. rebekah says:

    oh dear lord! why in my life time did the 90’s have to come back in! thanks for the heads up but i dont think i can bring myself to do it! i will just have to be stuck in the 80’s haha

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