When it comes to fashion, I love the out-of-the-ordinary! The more peculiar, the more intreging.I have ‘eccentric trend envy’, which I believe is because…1. I can’t afford the clothes I dream of  wearing. 2.My sense of style has been so stifled from living in conservative Christchurch for the past 30 years I  have actually lost all sense of personal style and will to express any type of individuality.  3. It’s NOT ok to stand out from the crowd when you live in a city where the majority of women wear nothing but jeans, sensible ballet slippers and a neat little sweaters! We all just want to fit in…don’t we?

Well some people don’t give a shit! (those people live overseas, in exotic far off places)

Here’s one women who obviously couldn’t give a rats ass what people think…and that’s bloody fabulous! Her name’s Michele Lamy and she’s the designer Rick Owen’s; wife, muse and collaborator.

Check out her inked stained hands!

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One Response to Inked

  1. Ivory Dahlia says:

    I know exactly what you mean. Not to mention not being able to buy anything here anyway. You speak the truth!

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