Good song great leather

This isn’t really a fashion related post and I certainly don’t want it to turn this into one of those blogs that starts out as something then supposedly ‘evolves’ into a blog that shares a perons general ramblings/musings on how much they love their cat or hate mushrooms or what inspires them or how their day was or what the hell ever. I just want it to be about fashion, and thats it. BUT I really really like this song/video by The Dead Weather and wanted to share it with you…how nice! Listen to it loud and enjoy the leather jackets…leather may be on it’s way out in the mainstream fashion world, but it will always be fucken rock n’ roll to me!

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One Response to Good song great leather

  1. Don Lab says:

    Leather jackets may be out of the mainstream, but you can rely on motorcycle people to enjoy the benefits of leather, the best for wear & tear.

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