Will you wear them?

Designers usually look to the past when seeking inspiration for their collections, everything’s been done, we’ve seen it all before, nothings truly original. In most cases this is true, fashion trends are recycled and regurgitated by designers who essentially re-interpret a style. That is why I hardly ever cull my wardrobe. I hang on to the most hideous of items that take up precious wardrobe space in the hope that they might…just MIGHT come back into fashion. My pointy Italian boots (that are extremely ugly) and gathering dust and are home to a family of spiders are a good example. But I know that eventually, if I just be patient and wait long enough I will love them again!

Anyway blah blah….I had a vision…I am serious and actual “vision” about bike-shorts returning as a must-have fashion item. The Only thing is if you’re going to wear em’ please layer them…try not have your butt out no matter how toned and shapely it is!

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