Rock my soul

I haven’t been to too many music festivals in my 30 years…(I detest dirt, bugs and long-drop toilets) So no Big Day Out, Phat or Rhythm and Vines for me! When I was younger I used to go to ‘out-door raves’ but they were just muddy, messy drunken/drugged evenings of debauchery that I would rather forget…if only I could remember.

Now that I’m older, wiser and  more sophisticated I  go to a concerts held at  wineries (well I will go to my first in December). Blondie and The Pretenders are playing at the  Mud House  Winery and I already have my ticket!!! I am insanely excited…it will be summer….I can drink wine….my body will no longer be invaded by a tiny unborn child…I will be FREE!

But…what to wear? If I can miraculously get my body back to its pre-baby state, just four months after giving birth I hope to wear something like this….otherwise I’m hoping someone will bring out a super hot muumuu this summer.

Madame Hawke summer 10/11

Ruby summer 10/11

Or I could turn up in this monstrosity (the muumuu) in which case if you want to see Debbie or Chrissie you best not be sitting behind me!

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