Chloe Sevigny clothes

Actress Chloe Sevigny has just launched her Resort 2011 collection (her third collaboration with the showroom Opening Ceremony) This latest offering draws inspiration from the 1990’s,  with her using a broad range of prints such as; leopard polka dot, hounds-tooth, paisley and floral. Not only does Sevigny appear to have relapsed a decade with this collection but she has also used  an unlikely muse, 80’s photographer Robert Mapplethorpe.

The late Mapplethorpe has been cast into the spotlight recently, due to Patti Smith’s  memoir of their relationship together in the late 70’s, titled ‘Just kids’.As Smith recalls Mapplethorpe “made t-shirts into an art-literally. He also loved himself a good leather pant”.

Hence Seveigny has used cropped t’s screen printed with his iconic images as well as leather jeans and cutoffs.

I love this collection….it is cute as can be!!!

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